Why we choose to use the page builder Elementor with WordPress

Choose your platform

There are so many platforms out there now for your website! Hosted drag-and-drop page builder sites like Squarespace & Wix have gained wide acceptance. While these are great for novices to build a basic website (with ongoing monthly fees), they have constraints that make them unsuitable for a full blown, feature rich site. The biggest problem is they can make your site much slower to load. And, you are stuck with them forever… if you leave their platform you lose everything.

WordPress, on the other hand, is an extremely versatile platform where your site can evolve into whatever you need it to be. (and there are no monthly fees for WordPress) It has been the gold standard for creating websites for many years and developers all over the world are constantly working on new add-ons to make it even better. For years, the standard way to build a WordPress site has been to choose a theme and build from that. Hundreds of free themes are available as well as hundreds of premium themes ranging from a few to several hundred dollars. Themes are a great way for beginners to get their feet wet in creating a new website but they too have limitations. 


Enter the era of WordPress drag-and-drop page builders: Divi, Beaver, Elementor, etc.

These tools make creating a website much easier for novices and they don’t have the limitations of hosted page builders like Wix & Squarespace. They take the amazing breadth of WordPress and leverage it by making it much more user-friendly. (like Wix & Squarespace) No longer do you have to master html & css to achieve the layout you want. You still need a starter theme but it can be pretty much any of the free themes available. What you gain is virtually unlimited flexibility for layout, fonts, colors and an incredible array of functionality.

Elementor is our choice

Elementor is one of the best page builders available for WordPress. Since its launch in June of 2016, Elementor has grown to become the leading WP page builder with over 4,000,000 sites created! Many professional web designers and developers are using Elementor now because it saves so much time. It comes with a template library that provides great starting points for any page or element you need to create. And you can easily create your own custom templates and save them for future use. Plus, you needn’t worry about how it effects your page load speed…with proper optimization, your site can still be blazing fast with Elementor.

So, stop fretting over which WordPress theme to choose or buy and dive into the new improved method of website creation. Hire an Elementor savvy web creator or dive in and learn it yourself! Like any powerful software tool, there is a learning curve…but if you have the time and desire, Elementor can unleash your creative potential.

Alan Andrews