Thanks for taking the time to fill out our Web Design Questionnaire!

       We appreciate your efforts to communicate your needs and desires for your website design. This gives us a great starting point to create your new site and we will be getting to work as soon as we can. I’m sure we’ll both have questions going forward and that’s where our built-in commenting system excels on keeping both of us in the loop. 

  • As soon as we get the first draft of your site online, you will be given a link to the site.
  • When you first visit the new site, you will be greeted by a message from WP Feedback explaining how the feedback commenting system works.
  • The beauty of it is that it allows both of us to Post Comments right on a web page and attach them to a specific element on the page.
  • These comments are like Post-It notes and can be used for questions, suggestions and notification of problems.
  • It also allows the attachment of a screenshot of the element and allows you to upload images & other content we need.

xoxo Alaina